Welcome to HIAF

HIAF was established in 1990 as a discussion group for those responsible for internal audit in the sector, in response to a need to consult on best practice.

Since then there have been many changes. The sector itself has expanded and all registered providers of social housing, which includes housing providers other than housing associations, are regulated.

The Regulatory Code, which came into force in April 2002, emphasises the need to ensure that organisations are viable, properly governed and provide value for money. Internal audit has a key role to play in providing assurance that key systems deliver the required outcomes and manage significant risks.

The regulator does not require associations to have an internal audit function, but its circular R2-25/01 “Internal Controls Assurance”, states that “many Associations will find if very difficult, if not impossible to meet our requirements unless they have both an internal audit service and an audit committee (or its equivalent) in place.”

Many registered providers now have arrangements such as contracting out the function to a third party or using a consortium arrangement.

HIAF constantly strives to be responsive to the changing needs of registered provider internal auditors in the services and publications it offers its members.

For further more detailed information about the HIAF, download a copy of our Constitution now.